Viking Wood Splitter

Unleash the

Viking Inside You

Hand crafted for ultimate safety and precision, split firewood like a Viking. Welcome to the new age of wood splitting, wherever your outdoors takes you.

The Viking Wood Splitter

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Sharp or Round

If you choose to display your wood splitter or use it outdoors, either way of shaping the tip will not affect your ability to chop precision pieces of wood for your campfires.

Split Wood with Ease

So easy in fact, your kids will be busy chopping 2′ x 1′ pieces of wood and loving it!

Length for Safety

The almost 4 feet of length makes it impossible to harm yourself while chopping wood. Check out our videos for more on safety and using the wood splitter to its ultimate leverage.

Ultra Durable

The 1 foot handle comes in your choice of durable colour or leather. Both choices give you the grip needed to firmly chop wood. Leather will stand the test of time.

Handmade Quality

Built by a Metalsmith

Viking Wood Splitters are built by hand, one at a time – meaning  you get the highest quality product possible. We know the process, we know that people of all ages love to chop wood…we’ve made the safest alternative for even an 8 year old child to chop wood. Check out our videos to see children and adults in action with the Wood Splitter.

Step into the world of the Vikings and own the Wood Splitter that will last a lifetime.

Enter Into a World of Fun

See the Viking Wood Splitter in action

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and being used by Splitters of all ages.

Viking Wood Splitter Promo 1:22

There’s chopping wood and then there’s taking the “alternative” route. Bet you can’t chop just one piece of wood.

The Idea 3:13

Listen to the inventor and builder as he breathes life into the Viking Wood Splitter – one that takes safety and fun to the next level.



Grip Package

In your choice of color, we wrap the handle in a high quality grip tape that is sure to stand

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up to years of wood splitting.


Leather Package

Take your wood splitter one step further with a leather handle wrap, sure to make the splitter feel like a true Viking!


Round or Sharp

Safety or style, we provide both options and strongly urge that if young Vikings are put to work, the round style promotes the ultimate in safety.


Add your touch

Have your own message added to the hilt of your Viking Wood Splitter.  Once all your friends have one, it will eliminate sword fights over whose is whose.

Original Viking Wood Splitter

This is the original Viking craft at work. Hand forged and ready for a lifetime of splitting firewood. Own one today!

Tape Wrapped Handle $250
Leather Wrapped Handle $300

Valkyrie Elite

Coming Soon

Huskarl Special Edition

Coming Soon

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